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Oli Mobil Terbaik di Indonesia – Total Quartz


Basically we have to be aware that the car engine oil has three important functions of prevention, ie friction, corrosion, and protection. These three functions should not be released in a car engine oil products. All three functions must be mutually bind each other in a formulation that is measurable.

Especially for modern cars sold today, which has a density level of components inside the machine which is very high with special materials lightweight. In this case the tolerance for error becomes very small lubrication.

In such conditions then try to remember about philosophy echoed ART Total for best engine oil product series, Oli Mobil Terbaik di Indonesia – Total Quartz 9000. ART stands for Resistance Age Technology teaches us about the importance of prevention functions friction, corrosion, and protection.

Through its unique formulation composition Oli Mobil Terbaik di Indonesia – Total Quartz 9000 has been a synthetic oil that is able to keep the car's engine performance as always new, even if we use every day in the high pressure durability. It was created because Total radically able to mix the two components, polymers and addictive performance, as measured along the base oil into the Oli Mobil Terbaik di Indonesia – Total Quartz 9000.

We certainly do not need to doubt the ability of Total in the design and development of oil technology for vehicles. Company based in Paris, France that exist in the field of oil and gas since 1924 has traditionally always been able to follow the vehicle mobility needs from time to time.

Total Thousands of research has been done, both in the laboratory and research moves esktrim covered, such as Formula 1, WRC, Dakar, to the Le Mans endurance race. Thus, the saturation level of traffic stop-and-go as happened in recent years in major cities in Indonesia certainly has not been as extreme performance requirements in the races of the world class.