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Oli Motor Terbaik – Total Hi-Perf


Oli Motor Terbaik – Total Hi-Perf is one of the oil that is born of long experience Total take part in the race. Four variants consisting of Hi-Perf 4T Racing (fully synthetic, SAE 10W50), Hi-Perf 4T Sport + (semi-synthetic, SAE 10W40), Hi-Perf 4T Scooter (SAE 20W40), and Hi-Perf 4T Super Plus ( SAE 20W50) made with compounds scalable to support motorcycle specifications without compromise.

All these variants Oli Motor Terbaik – Total Hi-Perf are even able to provide maximum protection to the engine, keep the engine, ensures performance is always good, set the temperature stability, as well as fuel efficiency.

Excellence is even more complete with Race Proven Technologies variants mixed in Total Hi-Perf Racing 4T, and Total Hi-Perf 4T Sport +. Through a mixture of brilliant formulations which have been tested on the WRC and MotoGP world championship for the second variant of the Hi-Perf it could be used for extreme requirements on high performance motorcycles or cruisers class.

Meanwhile, Oli Motor Terbaik – Total Hi-Perf 4T Scooter also has a unique formulation in the form of Super Strong Film Technology. With this technology, in which the level of friction is able to be minimized and not easily broken oil particle, a motorcycle engine is able to stay cool despite use in high durability. Directly Hi-Perf Scooter 4T can make the life of the machine getting longer.

The unique formulation of Uni-Pro Formula is dissolved in Oli Motor Terbaik – Total Hi-Perf 4T Super Plus benefits will be felt for a motorcycle that is always facing the traffic conditions or stop-and-go, and often go up and down to change gear transmission. This protection capability created by the Oli Motor Terbaik – Total Hi-Perf 4T Super Plus is made such that measured for consistency lubrication in every component of the machine.